How to Rock a Baby to Sleep Safely and Easily

How to Rock a Baby to Sleep Safely and Easily

Sep 28 , 2021

Shachar Nachshoni

Parents love to see their children sleeping peacefully. Not only is it adorable, but it means that your child is getting essential hours of sleep for growth and well-being. And let's face it, it also means you have time to get on with your other activities, or take a well-earned break!

Getting your child to sleep can be a difficult task, though - and parents the world over are looking for an easy and effective way to do it.

One way to send your child off to dream land in a matter of minutes is by rocking. The mammalian brain responds positively to rocking, bouncing, and swaying – a technique that has been working since the times of our forefathers.

In this article, we look at why rocking is so effective, how to use rocking to your advantage next time your child is resisting a nap, and the innovative solution Sleepybump came up with that helps your babies fall asleep while you are multitasking!


Why Does Rocking Help a Baby Fall Asleep?

So, why is rocking so effective in the first place – and why should you try it?

The reason this method works so well is because it gives babies the same simulation they had while growing in their mother's womb during pregnancy. When you bounce or sway your baby, they remember the sensation they had in the womb where they spent the first nine months of their lives.

Whether they are newborn, 6 months old or heading towards toddler age, rocking is one of the quickest and safest methods to get your baby back to sleep.


Benefits of Rocking Your Baby to Sleep

A baby often falls asleep almost immediately when you take them for a walk on their strollers, in the car, or on swings. The regular bumping feeling will put your baby to sleep. When you bounce your baby, you improve their sleep quality by shortening the time before a baby reaches deep sleep. Deep sleep is essential, as your baby will wake up less fussy, more energized, and happier.

You also help stimulate their growth and respiratory regulation. A child suffering from colic or gas will find relief when you bounce and sway them. It strengthens the bond between you and your baby because it encourages physical contact.

When you rock your little one, you help in:

  • Promoting the release of endorphins in their brain
  • Reducing their anxiety
  • Improving their overall mood and health

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Faster

The way you bounce your baby will determine whether or not they calm down and fall asleep. At times, though, you may be tired or have other things to do, and bouncing your baby is the last thing on your mind.

Despite your best efforts, there will be times when your baby is wide awake in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. In this scenario, there are other factors to consider that will help you effectively calm your little ones and help them to sleep.


Feed Your Baby

It is hard for babies to sleep when their stomachs are rumbling. Even if they are falling asleep, they may still wake up a few minutes later and cry. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, making sure your baby has their milk is crucial to a quality night's sleep.


Soothing Music

Babies love listening to soothing music, and they will often cease crying when you sing to them. Familiar songs and nature sounds, like rain, birds chirping, or slow music, will make your baby drowsy.


Establish a Bedtime Routine

A consistent bedtime routine comprised of washing, massaging, feeding, and putting your baby to sleep will help improve a baby's sleep. When you establish a sleeping pattern, your baby's system will adjust to it, and they will fall asleep almost instantly.

With a set routine, you can predict your baby's sleep schedule, thus making it easy to transition them from the day's activities to a bedtime's tranquility. The sleep pattern should comprise naps and bedtime routines, thus paving the way for them to sleep throughout the night.


Put Your Baby in a Rocking Device

There are automatic devices that can help your little one to fall asleep. These can work really well, but unfortunately, most are large, bulky, and expensive. They certainly aren't fit to travel around with you.

The other downside is that these devices necessarily work on a program: a fixed routine of bumps and bounces. As a parent, you know whether your baby needs faster or slower bounces, higher bumps or just gentle rocks – and you naturally adjust your rocking as your child responds. No automatic device can replicate this or replace you!


The Sleepybump Solution

Sleepybump is a portable device that helps in putting your little one to sleep wherever you are, so you don't have to deal with a fussy baby when you least expect it.

Sleepybump mimics the bumpy rides of a stroller in rough terrain. With these mats, there is no need to go out in the heat or cold in search of uneven ground so that your little ones can catch some sleep. All you need to do is lay it on the floor and move the stroller across it as you catch up on your favorite TV show or listen to an audiobook. It gives you the freedom to go to social events with your friends, without worrying that you’ll need to leave early or take the baby out in the stroller to get them to sleep.

Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, you can use the SleepyBump to soothe your baby and help them fall asleep peacefully and calmly.