The Best Baby Shower Gift Idea

The Best Baby Shower Gift Idea

Oct 11 , 2021

Sleepybump Editor

A baby shower is a lovely event that celebrates a woman becoming a new mom. It’s also dedicated to the little one while they are still inside their mother’s womb. Baby showers are a fun way of honoring the precious gift of life and showing the mom-to-be your love and full support.

Of course, presents are customary for birthday parties ­­– but are you required to bring a gift when going to a baby shower? While it may not be a necessity, bringing a gift is common courtesy and also shows your love and support in a helpful way.

So, you’ve been invited to a baby shower. Now comes the most challenging part – the search for the best baby shower gift. Keep reading for the perfect gift idea that will be the talk of the party!


What to look for in buying a baby shower gift


Although a family portrait or a congratulatory card might seem thoughtful, it’s the more practical items that will be most appreciated by new parents. Opt for something useful that parents might use on a regular basis, like baby toys or clothes.

Within the budget

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a baby shower present. New parents have most likely already purchased the more expensive items like strollers and rockers, so something inexpensive but useful will work perfectly as a gift. Plus, they won’t measure your love and support based on the price of your gift; buying something within your budget is the best way to go, and will surely be appreciated.

Can be used by both parents

It’s great to think of something useful for the new mother during her pregnancy or after giving birth, but you might also consider finding something that both parents will use. A baby shower gift that anyone in the household can use is something worth taking your time finding; it shows that you have thought about the whole family in finding your present.


Baby shower events are often combined with gender reveal parties. If that’s the case, and you’ve bought something pink for a bouncing baby boy, expect eye-rolling during the opening of presents. Think about giving a baby shower gift that is gender-free but is still fun-colored. You might opt for yellow, gray, orange, or multi-colored – anything that is not necessarily associated with ‘girl’ or ‘boy’.


Every baby needs a diaper changing station, a crib, or a travel system, but be mindful that parents may want to choose these more expensive pieces for themselves (or may have already done so). If you are going to purchase a bigger item, try finding a compact version that is easy to carry and good for travelling. Parents will appreciate the practicality of a portable gift.


When it comes to baby shower gifts, steer clear of disposable items. Parents will definitely appreciate an item that can be used again and again without breaking instantly. For new parents who are still figuring out their new role, something reliable and sturdy might help to ease their worries.


Sleepybump Surface is all that… and more!

Sleepybump Surface is created with one mission – to give newborns a consistent and restful sleep. A common problem for newborns is struggling to get to sleep, and many parents end up stressed or sleep deprived themselves as a result. Sleepybump aims to ease this difficulty for new parents, giving them back their me-time while ensuring baby’s safety and comfort.

Compatible with any kind of stroller, Sleepybump Surface aids newborns in falling asleep faster inside their buggy. Simply roll the Surface out on the floor and gently push the stroller back and forth over the bumps. No confusing instructions, no lengthy installation, and no screws or cables needed. It’s that easy to use!

Sleepybump is the perfect companion for a restful sleep any time, anywhere. Perfect with any flat surface, it can be used in indoor or outdoor settings. The mat is conveniently portable and small enough to fit in the tiniest diaper bag – even your purse!

Who says you need to break the bank for the perfect baby shower gift? The Sleepybump comes in four shade options: gender-neutral colors like yellow and gray that can match any stroller color palette, and the more nursery-matched burgundy and turquoise to suit the home. It also has two sets of bumps: three low adjacent and two high wide-spaced bumps, depending on baby’s liking.

Sleepybump is designed for babies from birth up to 18 months. Made with a durable, high-grade silicon surface that is easy to clean by wiping or washing, this mat can be used and reused until your child has outgrown their stroller!

Purchase Sleepybump Surface now – the best, most unique and original baby shower gift parents never knew they needed!